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Let the Light In

Sunrise over a grain field

I crave light. It hasn’t always been this way. it’s only been for about the past three years that I have been obsessed with acquiring brighter light. Since the degeneration of my retina, everything looks murky to me.

More light—lots of light—corrects the problem. So we keep adding more light inside our home. I wear a headlamp to see inside the freezer or drawers.

Recently the phrase, “The LORD openeth the eyes of the blind” (Psalm 146:8) grabbed my attention. I’m not blind, but I’m too close for comfort.

Currently I’m memorizing Psalm 146. As I think about times when God gave sight to the blind, I also think about verses about light. I love the verse from Psalm 119, verse 130: “The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.” The light here refers to a spiritual light which gives knowledge and understanding of God and His ways. Light is the joy and freedom that seeps into our souls from God’s Word.

Yes, I crave physical light. I am uncomfortable in settings of low light, especially in public where I can’t distinguish people’s faces, where I can’t see the floor I’m walking on. At that point, I need light.

But my greatest need is spiritual light. I should be uneasy when I have neglected God’s truth, when apathy mars my relationship with others and my steps falter. At that point, especially, I need God’s Word, in mega-doses.

Do you crave light? How do you shine the light of God’s Word into your life?

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