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Seen. Heard. Treasured.

“Mom, look how high I can swing!“

“Come, see what we built with our blocks!“

“Mom! Help! My head is bleeding!“

We all want to be seen. In good times and in bad. But we don’t want simply to be viewed for our external appearance. We want others to really see us—to look beyond our body shape, skin color, and hairstyle. Even beyond what we do.

We want others to see our uniqueness, our dreams, and our pain. Most of all, we want others to see our value. We want them to care. To esteem us as worthy because we are made in God’s image.

Centuries ago, a single woman was in a dark place. Like many before and after her, she was a slave. She was abused by her master and mistress. Distraught and pregnant, she finally fled.

Her pain was not seen. Her cries were not heard. No one treasured her.

Or so she thought.

Someone looked for her. Found her in a desert—physically and emotionally. Her pursuer saw more than the woman’s dirty, tear-streaked face, more than her tangled hair, more than her swollen belly under her dusty garments.

Her excruciating pain was seen. Her voice was heard as she explained where she had come from. And her life was valued as revealed when her pursuer, the angel of the Lord, gently counseled Hagar to return. Hagar knew God saw her. Heard her. Treasured her.

in that hot, forsaken desert patch, God gave her what she most longed for. In the middle of seemingly unbearable circumstances. With counsel she did not want to hear. Still, to be seen, heard, and treasured was like a cool, refreshing drink of water on her parched soul.

Now, many years later, God still sees our needs. The outward ones visible to others. But He is also intimately familiar with our inner needs and our thoughts, hopes, motivations, hurts, and pains.

During times of joy or times of pain, we can call out to our Father God, “See what You are giving me to enjoy today!’ or “Look at my pain—hold me close.”

Be encouraged that for all of time, He is the God who sees, who hears, who treasures His children.

The eyes of Jehovah are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry. Psalm 34:15 MKJV


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