What to do with the Unwanted, the Inescapable, and the Inextricable

“The flowers are still alive!” my husband exclaimed as we pulled up in front of our son’s grave. However, I didn’t share his enthusiasm. As he stepped out of the car to water the flowers, the oppressive heat—and sadness--poured in. “The flowers are still alive!” The words echoed in my mind. But he’s not. My eyes filled with tears as pain filled my heart. I looked around the cemetery. As far as I could see, gravestones of various shapes, sizes, and colors presided over patches of grassy plots. A lot of people have died … and a lot of loved ones have grieved. While every person’s grief is unique, grief is universal. Common even. If you live long enough, you will experience deep grief. Whether

Perfect Pitch

“That's a lot of stress on a young kid,” I said. My husband and I were walking around some softball fields and had stopped to watch some young boys. The pitcher, about eight or nine years old, did a good job, but the batter walked anyway. These boys were under pressure to perform. We continued our walk and passed a group of middle school boys suited up for a game. Swinging bats, tossing balls, and joking around, they worked hard at looking confident and careless. They were under pressure to impress. Earlier we passed a woman--probably a mom on her way to watch her son’s game. Fashionably dressed in tight jeans with styled blonde hair and large sunglasses, she was under pressure to have the

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