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Soul Pursuit: The Busy Person's Guide to Biblical Meditation book cover

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Soul Pursuit:
The Busy Person's Guide to Biblical Meditation

We crave inner peace. We long for comfort, strength, and wisdom. The path we seek is not paved with our own thoughts, but God’s truth found in the Bible.

Read how intentionally focusing on scripture throughout your waking hours, even with a busy lifestyle, can change your life. Let the numerous stories and anecdotes that fill this book encourage you to keep God’s Word uppermost on your mind. Learn how to integrate biblical meditation into your daily activities. Allow scripture, pondered and mulled over, to enrich your relationship with God.

Soul Pursuit will motivate you to reflect on scripture. It explains the biblical practice of meditation from the Word (different from eastern meditation). In its five chapters the book explains an easy process of incorporating meditation into any schedule, what others have said about meditation, and advice on areas that may prove challenging. At less than 40 pages, the book is a quick, yet profitable read. Four appendices are included. See table of contents below.

E-book:  $1.99; Printed book: $6.99


1.  Pursue with Perspective

2.  Invite God Into Your World

3.  Extend Intentionality Into Your Thought Life

4.  Challenge Roadblocks, Detours, and Potholes

5.  Finalize Preparations


Appendix 1: Downloadable Passages to Memorize

Appendix 2: Online Resources—Memorization/Meditation

Appendix 3: Benefits of Meditation

Appendix 4: 30-Day Bible Study on Meditation

Book no.1
Book no.2
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