Easter and our "too big" circumstances

Susan was called to mother a son’s wild heart. Robin was called to depend on a machine for each breath he took. Kristine was called to rescue young people from the dungeons of human trafficking. Samuel was called to endure the grief of losing his only daughter to cancer as a young teen. The truth is, we are all called to something too big, too difficult for us. But not too big for God. That’s where the beauty of Easter enters. Because of Easter—Christ’s resurrection—I am free. Yes, free from slavery to sin, always catering to what my flesh craves. I am also free to let God use the “too big” situations in my life He has called me to. Because of Easter I have hope beyond this life. I am not de

Into the mountains of life

Why would God do this to me? Isn’t my life difficult enough living with a chronic disease with its pain and suffering? Questions like these filled my grief-stricken heart after my son died. Questions birthed from anger, alarm, and anxiety. In time, other questions quietly emerged: Why do I follow Jesus? Is He merely an insurance policy? A way to live the good life if I do the right thing? Remember when Jesus taught the Beatitudes? Just before, Matthew 5:1 tells us that Jesus saw the multitudes and went up a mountain to teach them. Chapter 4 had concluded with a picture of a popular Jesus. Crowds pushed, and many thronged him, enamored by what they saw. Crippled legs made whole, tormented min

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