Lifting the Haze--Exploring God's Goodness

“Isn’t God good?” He didn’t wait for an answer before continuing with how God had answered his prayer—the way he wanted God to. Yes, God is good. But those kinds of interactions leave me uncomfortable. It seems God’s character gets hinged to someone’s limited perspective of their comfort or health or prosperity. I gave a lot of thought to the subject of God’s goodness and eventually created a photo gift book on the topic. That was five years ago. A couple weeks ago I gave my last copy of God’s Goodness: seen most clearly through hard times to a friend. As I browsed the pages before wrapping the book, I decided to share its content on my blog. (The book was never for sale, but I may re-work i

Food for the Weary

Are you worn down from unwanted circumstances? Weary of the daily struggle and all that saps your strength? Perhaps you’re experiencing a week like I did recently. Life was like slogging through mud. It wasn’t so much physical. Mentally and emotionally, I was on empty. By 10:00 Sunday morning all I could do was sit and look out the window. With effort, I finally went to bed and slept. It was just what I needed. I also needed spiritual encouragement. It came, unexpectedly, through an audiobook, Gray Matter: A Neurosurgeon Discovers the Power of Prayer . . . One Patient at a Time by Dr. David Levy. In one chapter, Dr. Levy shares the story of two-year-old Annette. An unusually polite, sensitiv

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