Christmas reflections and a gift for you

Christmas reflections What would it have been like to visit baby Jesus that first Christmas? If I could travel back in time, I wonder if I would have endured the darkness, the cold, the unfamiliar, the unsanitary conditions, the unpleasant smells. I would if I were desperate. I would if I were convinced of His deity. Still, I would have been perplexed. Why was the Son of God born in a humble structure and bedded in a feeding trough for animals? Why not something “better”? Perhaps after spending time with Jesus and gazing into His peaceful eyes, I would understand. For a cardinal message of His birth was: heart condition is more important than things. Through His birth and life, Jesus demonst

Hope. Christmas delivers.

Christmas can be a difficult season for some. It reminds us of what could have been -- of our losses. We know. Seven years ago, just four days before Christmas, we received the shocking news that our son had died . . . by suicide. How does a family celebrate Christmas after such a traumatic blow? The catastrophe shifted our perspective. Christmas – the true meaning of Christmas – became more real. You see, Christmas isn’t all about decorations and gifts, gaiety and parties, or even about special times with family and friends. Christmas, at its core, is the celebration of Hope. Of the only true -- the only eternal -- Hope in this shallow, sin-sick world. The Hope of Jesus. Living with tragedy

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