July 28, 2020

Don’t you love the relevancy of truth in changing circumstances?

It was early 2011 when I wrote the text used on pages 4-5 of God’s Goodness: seen most clearly through hard times. By 2014 when I assembled the book, I was going through a completely different difficult situation. 

Now, in the middle of 2020, these truths have ministered to...

July 17, 2020

I admit it. There are times I doubt God’s goodness. Maybe not verbally. But doubts busily silence truth and insert lies.  

It especially happens when things are going from bad to worse. When I compare. Soon the pity party is in full swing.  

If you’re there (or have been there or will be there—because you are human), re...

June 26, 2020

“Isn’t God good?” He didn’t wait for an answer before continuing with how God had answered his prayer—the way he wanted God to. 

Yes, God is good. But those kinds of interactions leave me uncomfortable. It seems God’s character gets hinged to someone’s limited perspective of their comfort or health or prosperity. 

I gave a lot of thou...

June 12, 2020

Are you worn down from unwanted circumstances? Weary of the daily struggle and all that saps your strength? 

Perhaps you’re experiencing a week like I did recently. Life was like slogging through mud. It wasn’t so much physical. Mentally and emotionally, I was on empty. By 10:00 Sunday morning all I could do was sit and look out the windo...

May 16, 2020

When my body aches, I seek relief. When my stomach senses emptiness, I eat. When anxiety looms, I silence my thoughts. 

Little frustrations tick me off. Disappointments get me down. Most of my prayers center on comfort. 

Today I am stopped by the words of a certain godly man. My spirit squirms. I sense a lack of spiritual depth that Christ...

April 10, 2020

I want to share a little story from when we vacationed near Traverse City a few years ago. First, a few thoughts about hope.  

We hear a lot about hope these days (and anxiety, worry, isolation on the flip side). Yet hope seems in as short supply as toilet tissue on the grocers’ shelves.  

This Sunday is Easter and the Easte...

March 31, 2020

Uninvited guests. Guests that stay too long, are too controlling, are too expensive. That suck the energy from our being and the joy from our hearts. That plague us to the breaking point. 

“Guests” may be too polite a term. “Intruders,” “usurpers,” even “cannibals” are more accurate. 

These “guests” take many forms. Some hideous. Some beau...

March 12, 2020

She spun a carefully crafted web of deception. Not to swindle us out of retirement funds or to harm us. 

She was probably in her late 20s, unattractive, overweight, and of limited means. But she was a faithful member of our church, attending every service and each event--except for Valentine’s Day banquets. 

She loved caring for the little...

February 14, 2020

It was about 1980. On February 14, I had an appointment with my rheumatologist, Dr. Valentine (yes, really!). to monitor the rheumatoid arthritis that I'd had for nearly ten years. These appointments often left me discouraged at the reminder of the seriousness of my disease. 

That day, as I returned home, discouraged, I found a long, whit...

December 31, 2019

With one wrong step, Anne fell on a wet patch on the floor. Her life was forever changed even after her shattered kneecap healed well enough for her walk again. 

Just days after their eight-year-old daughter became ill, Tina and Rob’s only child died over the Christmas holidays. 

Greg was in shock. Parkinson’s disease? In that moment, his...

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