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Wealthier than You Realize

Inside, my husband and I worked on our computers. Outside, heavy machinery excavated for an addition to our home.

“The internet is down,” said my husband as he stepped out of his office.

It didn’t take long to unearth the culprit. Right in our backyard. While the telephone company had marked the phone line going into our home, they had missed the buried line that serviced our neighborhood’s landlines and internet.

Earlier, when the telephone line had been flagged, only a grassy yard was visible. Equipment had detected the small line closer to the surface but not the large, deeper line.

Last week I remembered this incident. An engaging email in my inbox spoke of the need to depend on God in prayer. I agreed with the sender until I saw her photo at the end of the email.

She looks like she belongs to a perfect life. Does she need to depend on God? (Of course, I know she does, but that’s the path my envy took.)

“Lyn,” I told myself, “you have everything you need to live the life God wants you to live and to be the person God wants you to be. You don’t need to be like her.”

If I met the email sender and could see behind the smile and beautiful face, I would find things in her life I would not want.

Some time ago, I wondered: Is there anyone with whom I would want to change places if I could?

No, I decided. It is only those I don’t know well and don’t see their struggles that I might be tempted to want their life. Once I get to know more about people, I realize I want my own life with my own struggles, even though they are difficult.

It’s a lie to think some people’s lives are easy. We all have challenges. The struggles of others may be buried deep, like the bundle of telephone lines, but their presence is real.

Remember, you have all you need, to do what God wants you to do in life. And you have all you need, to be the person God wants you to be.

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