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When Easter Took on New Life

Brightly colored plastic eggs, marshmallow chicks, and chocolate bunnies collected in a pretty basket were part of Easter in my early years. As were new Easter dresses, large family get-togethers, and, of course, the Easter story.

While I believed Christ died and rose again, it didn’t have the sense of reality that everyday life had. Preachers attempted to make the shift from Bible story to real event using various methods including describing some of the physical consequences of torture and being nailed to a cross. Still, the resurrection often lacked the emotional impact it should have had for me.

That is, until Easter 1990.

Just two months earlier, on a late night in early February, I gave birth to our second child. A few hours after the C-section I had almost bled to death. A nurse found me trembling and too tired to open my eyes. When she tried to get my blood pressure, she couldn’t.

I survived the surgery that morning and two more in the next two weeks. After almost a month in the hospital, I was finally released, my mysterious bleeding disorder resolved.

My first time back at church was April 1-- communion Sunday. As I held the cup of juice, I was awed by Christ’s willing sacrifice of His blood. I remembered my panic when the nurse couldn’t get a blood pressure reading on me despite the doctor’s urgings to ‘Try again’. I had been rescued from death; Christ choose to give His blood to accomplish my salvation.

April 15 was Easter. A time of new life. Spring flowers proved it. More importantly, new life spiritually and hope existed because of Christ’s death and resurrection.

That day I saw Easter with new eyes. I had been close to death twice in February. God had restored my health, and in my arms, I held my infant son.

Even if you’re not aware of a brush with death, perhaps my story will give you a fresh appreciation for what Christ has done for us. For what a horrendous sacrifice it was for Him to be tortured, bleed, hang on a cross, and make the payment for our sin.

May you have a blessed Easter bursting with new life!

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