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God Prepares Your Way

I admit it. There are times I doubt God’s goodness. Maybe not verbally. But doubts busily silence truth and insert lies.

It especially happens when things are going from bad to worse. When I compare. Soon the pity party is in full swing.

If you’re there (or have been there or will be there—because you are human), read these selections from my book, God’s Goodness: seen most clearly through hard times. Be encouraged.

As you walk through the day I will have already been there as you meet each moment head on remember, you are not alone.

For I go before you, equipping each moment, each trial each sorrow, each smile so you will know I am the Lord.

For I am the Lord, there is no other-- no other God anywhere. I am the Lord--there is no other I am the Lord.

I will go before you and level the exalted places, I am the LORD, and there is no other, besides me there is no God; Isaiah 45: 2a, 5a ESV


It was mid-March, 11:25 pm. My soul heavy with grief, my body in pain, and sleep

seemed far away. In the darkness of night and soul, I remembered that no matter what I experience, God is good.

When I can't find another human soul who truly understands how I feel, that is Your lovingkindness.

When my body oozes with aches and the discomfort of aging, that is Your lovingkindness.

When my heart breaks with sorrow so it seems it is beyond repair, even that is Your lovingkindness.

For every circumstance beyond the fixing power of myself, possessions, and others, urges me to cry out to You, the One I was created to love and delight in and it is Your lovingkindness.

(The above is from pages 2 and 3 from God’s Goodness: seen most clearly through hard times. Read the introduction.)

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