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Food for the Weary

Are you worn down from unwanted circumstances? Weary of the daily struggle and all that saps your strength?

Perhaps you’re experiencing a week like I did recently. Life was like slogging through mud. It wasn’t so much physical. Mentally and emotionally, I was on empty. By 10:00 Sunday morning all I could do was sit and look out the window. With effort, I finally went to bed and slept.

It was just what I needed.

I also needed spiritual encouragement. It came, unexpectedly, through an audiobook, Gray Matter: A Neurosurgeon Discovers the Power of Prayer . . . One Patient at a Time by Dr. David Levy.

In one chapter, Dr. Levy shares the story of two-year-old Annette. An unusually polite, sensitive, and thoughtful young child, Annette had a huge problem in her brain.

Initially, she responded well after her long, complicated surgery. But after a few hours, she stopped breathing and became unconscious. Emergency surgery followed to relieve pressure that had built up in her brain. Dr. Levy thought she would wake up, but she didn’t.

For weeks she lay unconscious. Annette’s mother, pregnant with twins, experienced pre-mature contractions from stress. Now three young lives were at risk.

At every contact with Annette and her family, Dr. Levy prayed with them. People all over the country were praying. Many, even strangers, filed through Annette’s room to pray for her. Nothing happened. The surgeon was confused and upset with God.

One night after pouring his heart out to God, Dr. Levy had a dream. He was the prosecuting attorney in a courtroom accusing God, the judge. Annette sat in the witness stand and spoke words only God could hear. At her words, God smiled.

When he woke up, Dr. Levy realized he had no cause to be upset. He didn’t have all the information about Annette as God did. God is good and can be trusted, even if circumstances devastate us.

When Dr. Levy visited Annette and prayed with the family that day, he stopped short of only asking God to heal the girl. Instead, he prayed faith-filled words affirming God’s goodness, even in the heartbreak.

The hospital room atmosphere changed. The surgeon’s attitude changed. The parents’ outlook changed.

You are good and do good. Psalm 119:68

Amazingly, the contractions stopped for Annette’s mom. And two-year-old Annette began to inch her way to wholeness.

“God is good.” We hear it so often; we brush it aside.

But think about it. God loves us more than anyone does or possibly could. He is intimately acquainted with all the details of our life. He wants the best for us—not just for our earthly life, but also for eternity. He is good and does good. He defines good. He can be trusted. He is worthy of thanks and praise even in our confusion and consternation.

And that’s the good God who rules today.

Take a few moments. Feast on His character and renew your soul. God is good.

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