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Perspective is Everything

My kitty, a beautiful, long-haired gray tiger, had been losing weight. She no longer would eat or drink much.

What was wrong?

A trip to the vet gave me news I didn’t want. A kidney disease. But I could prolong her life with fluid insertion under her skin.

It was an unpleasant procedure for both of us. IV bag hung up and supplies assembled in the bathroom, I placed Pudge on the towel-covered counter. With my husband’s help, I held her still with my left arm and with my right hand inserted the syringe under her skin. Slowly I pushed the fluid into her body.

I’ll never know what hateful thoughts and dark emotions Pudge harbored during those times. To her, it was uncomfortable, inconvenient, and frightening. To me, it was my way of showing her I cared.

The difference? Perspective.

Not only with cats and kids, perspective is needed with our relationship with God. We are clueless compared to the eternal knowledge and wisdom of an all-knowing God.

But how do we see God’s perspective?

God’s perspective is a big part of what I address in my new photo gift book. Never Lost: Following God Through Uncertain Times is for those who see signs of trouble ahead. It’s for those who face uncertainty. It’s for those who want to learn from the darkness to relate to the One who is Light.

In the next few weeks, as I work on the book, I will share some of its content.

Much of our sense of peace, joy, well-being, contentment, and satisfaction in life is based on perspective. If we apply God’s truths to our soul, we can shift our perspective, we can trust God in our ‘uncomfortable, inconvenient, and frightening’ times.

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