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Easter and our "too big" circumstances

river through mountains

Susan was called to mother a son’s wild heart.

Robin was called to depend on a machine for each breath he took.

Kristine was called to rescue young people from the dungeons of human trafficking.

Samuel was called to endure the grief of losing his only daughter to cancer as a young teen.

The truth is, we are all called to something too big, too difficult for us.

But not too big for God.

That’s where the beauty of Easter enters.

Because of Easter—Christ’s resurrection—I am free. Yes, free from slavery to sin, always catering to what my flesh craves. I am also free to let God use the “too big” situations in my life He has called me to.

Because of Easter I have hope beyond this life. I am not defined by the “too big” circumstance that brings pain or stress. My identity is in Who I belong to—God—and my eternal future with Him.

But in the here and now, we wrestle with the “too big” things. I don’t know if God allowed them or brought them, but they’re there.

What can we do when the “too big” thing weighs us down, saps our strength, and crushes our spirit?

Choose the truth that Christ lives in us. Focus on the fact that what He has called us to, He will accomplish. "He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it." I Thes. 5:24 ESV

Maker of my mountains Scripter of my seas Author of my anguish make a way for me.

Designer of my deserts Provider of my pain weaver of my weariness do the work in me.

What resources do you draw on to live with the “too big” circumstance in your life?

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