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Just Another Day?

Days pass swiftly, in such ordinary ways, we rarely stop to consider their true significance. For instance, what if you had lived in Jesus’ time on earth? Did anyone alive then have a clear idea of the importance of what we now call Good Friday or of Easter Sunday? Probably not. It’s in retrospect our vision sharpens.

The idea of an ordinary day gave birth to this Easter poem, It was Just Another Day, almost 20 years ago.


It was just another day-- babies cried, old men died, mothers sighed.

On a lonely hillside, Christ-- hung on a cross, for the lost, at great cost.

It was just another day ‘til darkness-- enveloped the land, interrupted plans, gave warning to man.

It’ll be just another day-- flowers will bloom, problems will loom, brides kiss their groom.

To a mount will come the King -- to reign and rule, with His jewels, His chosen own.

As you might guess, I love to think of that future day that may start out so ordinary, but will surely rock the world, when Christ returns. Until then, I long to live with the awareness of God’s presence and power.

My prayer for you is that Easter will not be just another spring holiday, busy with family get-togethers and Easter egg hunts. Rather, that you will reflect on the awesome, life-changing events of the first Easter and how hope flourishes because of that day.

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