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Am I Loved?

Gray Tiger Kittty

He carried her around his neck or perched on top of his head. He kissed the tip of her triangular, wet nose or the soft pads of her paws. He studied the twitching of her ever-active tail or the quick movements of her velvety soft little ears.

He clearly loved her.

Yet she did little to enhance his life. She left tell-tale signs of her gray fur on his bed. She consumed his finances through vet appointments and the daily necessities of fresh litter and food. She infringed on his time, needing her fur brushed and her litter box cleaned. She didn’t accomplish anything.

Yet, he enjoyed her just for being.

Perhaps my son’s relationship with his cat is a crude example of God loving us and enjoying our presence.

God’s Word clearly reveals His love for us. We do little, if anything, for God. Our lives are a mess, even at our best. We use God’s resources and cost His Son’s life. We can’t accomplish anything of eternal value in our own strength. That’s as true for the President of the United States as for the 95-year-old bed-ridden woman suffering from advanced dementia.

On this day after Valentine’s Day, be encouraged that God values you—no strings attached, no hoops to jump through—as His creation of infinite, incalculable worth.

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