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How do you want to be different by the end of next year? That was the question I heard on the December 31, 2015, podcast of Revive Our Hearts. I didn’t even need to think about it. One of my most obvious needs: gratitude. That night, I couldn’t sleep. I searched the internet for books on gratefulness. One title, Choosing Gratitude: Learning to Love the Life You Have, by James Autry, stood out. I read all I could on the Amazon preview. Amazon describes the book this way: In his latest book, Choosing Gratitude: Learning to Love the Life You Have, renowned author James A. Autry reminds us that gratitude is a choice, a spiritual—not social—process. Made evident as behavior, gratitude is not the

What to Say When There are No Words

“Merry Christmas!” “Have a wonderful time with family.” “Enjoy the Christmas Eve service.” “Make this the best holiday season ever!” Lots of well-wishes fill the air this time of year. But for some, it’s a sad time. It could be the first Christmas since a loved one passed away. Perhaps relationships are strained within a family. Or maybe a serious illness threatens the future, financial difficulties overwhelm, or losses loom on the horizon. Maybe that someone having a hard time is a relative or friend you will be seeing over the Christmas season. What can you say when there are no words to make it right? For us, that Christmas was six years ago. Just four days earlier, on December 21, we lea

Hectic days, Busy Nights

Something I heard the other day reminded me about the busyness of this season (not that I needed a reminder). In fact, we are fast approaching that one special day that only comes once a year—winter solstice. The day when the northern hemisphere has the least daylight and enjoys the longest night’s rest for those who are willing to adjust to the sun’s schedule. You’re probably wondering how the December solstice relates to busyness. In the Gospel of John, chapter 11, verse 9, Jesus asks, “Aren’t there twelve hours in each day?” Jesus was making a different point, but His question got me thinking. You see, at this time in history, people considered a day to be the span of daylight, which chan

Wave the White Flag

“Okay, I’ll stop arguing,” I decided. I’d had a running “debate” with two of my eye specialists—that is, we hadn’t seen eye-to-eye on issues. Here’s how it would look. My cornea specialist would ask, “What kind of lubricant eye drops are you using?” “Thera Tears, in the bottle,” I would reply. “You really should use the single-use vials. They are sterile.” “But the bottle says it’s sterile,” I point out. “It’s really a marketing ploy. You can use them some, but if you use them too much it will actually dry your eyes more,” he informed me. But see, I really like the bottles. They are easier to use and less expensive, I suspect. After having this same conversation several times, I decide he kn

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